About Us

Durbanville Cleaning Services was established in January 2005. The business launched with a team of three domestic workers and myself, the owner. After a lot of hard work and dedication from all staff, the company managed to grow to a staff compliment of 40 by 2016. Many of our current employees (some of whom started the journey with us back in 2005) have remained loyal to the company for many years and we are proud of our low rate of attrition. For many of our clients this is essential, from both a peace of mind and security point of view.

The growth of DCS has been tremendous and the satisfaction of being able to create jobs has been worth all the hard work. However, rapid growth makes focused customer relations challenging. In order to keep a familial bond with our very supportive customer base, a large portion of the business was sold in 2017. Despite the downsizing, we wanted to stay in the cleaning industry and continue to be a creator of new jobs. To this end, three of our teams continued the good work that DCS is known for. 

In 2018 we have enabled a team that specialises in spring cleans for homes, offices, new developments and renovations. This team’s motivation stems from transforming an uninhabitable space into a clean, refreshing environment that is move-in ready. Since this team does not have regular work, they can be called upon at reasonably short notice which is a service our customers have repeatedly asked for.

Into 2018 and beyond, we hope that we can continue to provide that “new home” aroma to many more residents of the Durbanville. Please feel free to call us today for an olbligation free quote.